EE263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Sanjay Lall, Stanford University, Autumn Quarter 2020


Homework must be submitted by 11:59PM on Thursdays. Submit hw on Gradescope. We do not accept late homework. If you have a family or medical emergency, contact the instructor.

Here is a file containing many past homework questions. Note that many of them require Matlab, and use old data files which are not available. However we are posting them here to give you a flavor of the material covered, and the types of homework and exam questions to expect.

You may discuss the homework as a group, but should write your own code and write up your solutions individually.

Future homework will use the Julia language.

Loading JSON data files

Load JSON data files in Julia using the method in readclassjson.jl. Download that file and save it somewhere useful, then use readclassjson(filename) to load the data into a dictionary containing all of the variables defined in the file.

For example, if the example_file.json contains a variable called X, you can read it by using


data = readclassjson("example_file.json")
X = data["X"]

If you have questions about this, ask on Piazza.