EE263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Nick Landolfi, Stanford University, Summer Quarter 2022


  • Grading policy: Homework 60%, final 40%.

  • These weights are approximate; we reserve the right to change them later.

Exam format

The final is an open-book, take-home exam. You can use all your notes, you can search things on the internet, you can look up anything….but you can't talk to anyone about the exam, and you can't post publicly on Ed. The exam will have a written and coding component, with questions similar in style to that of the homework.

You are not responsible for the lectures that we skipped. There may be cases where there is material in a skipped lecture deck that I said in lecture, even though we didn't discuss the whole deck. You are responsible for this material, obviously. Yes, the final homework is covered.

Final exam schedule

  • opens: 8 AM 8/13

  • closes: 2 AM 8/14 (not recommended to use unless you are in Taiwan)

Exam logistics

The exam is offered on Gradescope. It will display to you as a PDF template, and you will submit your solutions as a PDF upload, same as the homework. Assuming you start 8 hours before the final close time 2:00 AM 81422, you will have 8 hours to take the exam. This clocks starts once you open the assignment. Do not accidentally open the assignment early. You may see the assignment as early as Wednesday or Thursday in Gradescope, for people taking it early. Don't open it up unless you plan to take it then! We allow you to take the exam in whatever 8 hours window you want, starting Friday 8/12 8 AM, with the final submission 8/14 2:00 AM. (we don't recommend this latter submission time unless you are in Taiwan). We do this to give you flexibility…but there are four official start times: Friday 8/12 8AM, 12 PM PDT and Saturday 8/13 8 AM or 12 PM PDT. We will be providing support during these times; meaning we are supporting 8 AM to 8PM PDT Friday and Saturday. If you email us in those periods, you can expect a response within 30 minutes. We say 30 mins so that people don't email us 5 minutes before their deadline. We have these time periods so that the staff doesn't need to support inquiries at odd hours. You can email us outside of these hours, but we can't guarantee a timely response. You don'y need to tell us when you are taking the exam. Just open the assignment, and go.

Please do plan carefully when you will take the exam, as you will not be able to submit anything after the 8/14 2:00 AM deadline (i.e. if you start the exam 6 hours before the deadline, you will only have 6 hours to complete it). Gradescope will not allow you to submit after that deadline, and we will not be able to accept it. The 2 AM business is because some people are on different time zones.