EE263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Sanjay Lall, Stanford University, Autumn Quarter 2020


  • Grading policy: Homework 50%, midterm 25%, final 25%.

  • These weights are approximate; we reserve the right to change them later.

Midterm exam details

The exam is an open book, open note take-home exam, and you will have 8 hours to complete it. It will be available from October 19, 12:01am PDT to October 23, 11:59pm PDT. The exam is offered on Gradescope. Once you open the assignment, you will have exactly 8 hours to submit your exam solutions, assuming you start at least 8 hours before the final deadline. The exam will display to you as a PDF template, and you will submit your solutions as a PDF upload similar to the homework. Make sure to plan when you will take the exam, as you will not be able to submit anything after the 10/23 11:59pm deadline (i.e. if you start the exam 2 hours before the deadline, you will only have 2 hours to complete it).

During the period in which the exam is available, you will not be allowed to communicate with your classmates about anything relating to EE263. In addition, the Nooks page and Piazza will be disabled during this period. We will not be holding office hours during the exam period. To compensate, we will hold additional office hours this weekend (see the schedule below) to answer questions on exam material. There will be no homework assignment due next week.

The exam will have a written and coding component, with questions similar in style to that of the homeworks. However, the exam will be shorter than the homework.

Practice midterm

  • Last year's midterm has been made available for practice on Gradescope. Note that last year’s exam was a 24-hour take-home exam instead of the 8 hours we have allocated this year.

  • Download the questions and solutions here.

  • You will need cosinefit.json and tomodata.json to complete it.

Final exam

The final format will be similar to the midterm, and is planned for Nov 16–19 period.

Practice final