EE263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Gorish Aggarwal, Stanford University, Summer Quarter 2020

Review Sessions

  • Weekly review sessions will be held on Fridays (starting 10/5)

  • Time and location TBD

  • These sessions will be videotaped by SCPD and uploaded on their website the following week.

  • Notes from the review sessions will be posted here.

Problem Sessions

  • Starting 10/21 we will be recording weekly online problem sessions for the class. The intent of these sessions is to firstly show you how the concepts we have discussed in class are connected to real life problems. Secondly, these sessions should help you better understand the end-to-end approach to solving challenging problems and prepare you for the homework assignment that you will be working on next. To get the most out of these problem sessions it would be best to spend some time on the problems on your own before watching the videos.

  • Problem session 1 (10/21/18)

    • Topics covered: multi-objective least squares, nonlinear least squares and Gauss-Newton method, least norms

    • Watch before starting hw4

    • Problem session 1

    • Link to video

  • Problem session 2 (10/28/18)

    • Topics covered: general norm minimization with linear equality constraints and the method of Largrange multipliers

    • Watch before the midterm

    • Problem session 2

    • Link to video

  • Problem session 3 (11/5/18)

    • Topics covered: matrix exponentials and autonomous linear dynamical systems

    • Watch before starting hw5

    • Problem session 3

    • Link to video

  • Problem session 4 (11/11/18)

    • Topics covered: left and right eigenvectors, diagonalization

    • Watch before starting hw6

    • Problem session 4

    • Link to video

  • Problem session 5 (11/25/18)

    • Topics covered: linear dynamical systems with inputs and outputs, matrix gain and SVD

    • Watch before starting hw7

    • Problem session 5

    • Link to video