EE263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Reza Nasiri Mahalati, Stanford University, Fall Quarter 2018


  • Grading policy: Homework 50%, midterm 20%, final 30%.

  • These weights are approximate; we reserve the right to change them later.

  • Grades will be available on Canvas and Gradescope.


  • There will be 8 weekly homework assignemnnts

  • Homework assignments are due at 11:59PM, usually on Thursdays, but check the homework list since some homeworks have special deadlines. All homework must be submitted online on Gradescope.

  • Late homework will not be accepted, except for family or medical emergencies. Reach out to the instructor directly in case you need an extension due to an emergency.

  • You are allowed to work on the homework in small groups, but must write up your own homework to turn in.

  • Code must be submitted with all assignments.

  • You can use any programming language of your choice, but the sample codes we provide will mostly be in MATLAB.

  • Homework will be graded coarsly, on a scale of 1-10.


  • Midterm exam will be a 12hr take home exam.

  • Final exam will be a 15hr take home exam.

  • You will choose from 1 of 5 start times

  • You must work alone on exams, NO collaboration is allowed.

  • Exams will be emailed to you.

  • Exams are turned into Gradescope.

  • Late submissions will NOT be graded.

  • SCPD students on none PST time-zones should email the course staff with their desired exam time. Try to make it as close as possible to the regular exam times.

  • You may use any books, notes, programming language or online resources for the exams, but you must work on your own.